Direct Warranty Solution Tailored to your Requirements      

We are “white label” solutions provider and offer our services direct to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers & e-tailers. We sit behind your branding and provide everything you need to operate a warranty scheme. We are acutely aware that it is our job to support our clients’ brands and enhance their reputations in the marketplace whilst providing a simple, cost effective solution to their warranty needs.

We offer a range of both traditional and niche warranty products including Replacement Swap Out, Single and Multi Appliance and Fixed Term Warranties for both new and refurbished products. In addition, we have recently launched a product that is unique to us in the marketplace, our Product Lifetime Warranty. As you can see, we are accustomed to working with our clients in developing products that are “tailor made” to offer a specific solution.

Our years of experience and customer care mean we give the highest level of service to our clients. We have a specialised team to handle all claims swiftly and efficiently that ensures when anything does break down, we will get it up and running again with the minimum of delay. In contrast to some of the other warranty providers in the market, we fully manage our engineering network via our own, bespoke job management system. This ensures that we appoint engineers that conform rigorously to our high service standards.      

We have always believed that the delivery of a higher quality of customer service and choice is essential to our long-term success and the company’s proven record of delivery derives from processes and values that are at the very core of its warranty business. The creation and nurture of long-term relationships with our clients is at the heart of the company’s business philosophy.