Direct Warranty Solutions Tailored to your Requirements      
We specialise in combining innovative warranty solutions together with the latest web technology to provide our clients with a low cost, high value product offering.

Large providers who offer a limited choice of options to their prospective customers have for a long time, dominated the UK warranty market. If you, as the client, do not “fit the box” on offer your choice is either adapt to fit or go somewhere else! Furthermore, if you sell refurbished, second user or unusual products, you will normally find it difficult, if not impossible to find suitable cover.


Here at Direct Warranties, there is no such thing as our standard offer! We do not believe in offering one or two fixed options but instead, pride ourselves on giving total flexibility on both extended warranty cover and service contracts to Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and E-tailers of IT, Electronics and associated products.

Established in 2004, Direct Warranties Ltd was set up with the sole objective of offering specialist warranty solutions where companies have found it difficult or even impossible to find suitable cover, often those trading in niche marketplaces.

We believe that we are the first and only online warranty provider to share clear, accurate, balanced facts and simplify the choice of warranty. Direct Warranties offer straightforward mechanical breakdown policies, with simple, clear terms and conditions at value for money prices.

We are working with leading providers of claims management services to many of the UK’s leading insurance companies, we have the background and the pedigree to offer a real, alternate choice in today’s warranty market. And our mission is to establish Direct Warranties Ltd as the UK’s premier supplier of bespoke warranty solutions for manufacturers & retailers of consumer electronics, IT and associated products.